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US and EU are in complete agreement when it comes to further restricting the civil liberties of their citizens.

“This announcement, identified as Alert Number I-042524-PSA, urged Americans to only engage with registered Money Services Businesses (MSBs) that comply with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations.


According to United States federal law, cryptocurrency money transmitting services must be registered as MSBs and adhere to AML requirements (31 U.S.C. § 5330; 31 CFR §§ 1010; 1022). The FBI says failure to comply may result in financial disruptions during law enforcement actions, particularly if funds are mixed with illegally obtained money.


The warning clarified that services that knowingly facilitate illegal transactions or violate federal laws are subject to investigation by law enforcement agencies, and that individuals using such services may lose access to their funds during enforcement operations.”


US authorities take massive action against software service providers and engineers, arresting, blocking and paralyzing Clearnet websites.

As happened a few days ago in the case of Samourai.


“This is a historic case that will determine the future of Bitcoin.


The high stakes Samourai case is no different to Bernstein v. United States, and requires a final, definitive answer to the fundamental (already answered) question, “What is the true nature of all cryptographic operations taking place in computers?”.


And Bitcoin is simply math being performed in computers, and it is literally nothing more than that. The same arguments for Bernstein, and Phil Zimmerman’s case ( apply to Samourai, and the same defences should work if The Constitution hasn’t changed. And it hasn’t.

At the fundamental level, Bitcoin is speech. This is not “Semantics”; this is a plain statement of fact, established in law.

Everything you do in Bitcoin is protected speech. If you believe that this event applies only to “mixing”, you are mistaken.

The simple act of “moving” Bitcoin from one address you are known to control and are registered with, to another address that is an “unregistered Bitcoin address” could be construed as a criminal act in the future …”


Beautyon – on Nostr



Not only democracy as such (initially just an abstraction), no, much more importantly, the elementary civil liberties of citizens are not a gift from God; they have to be defended anew every day, even if it is against the state if it moves away from the basic social consensus of a liberal order.



Michael Wahl

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