Fortsetzung #3 zur Chat-Kontrolle / Threema und Signal positionieren sich


"With its legislative proposal known as “Chat Control,” the EU Commission is trying to establish an unprecedented mass-surveillance apparatus of Orwellian proportions in the European Union. If EU citizens don’t stand up for privacy now, it may be too late."



Signal schreibt: "New Branding, Same Scanning: “Upload Moderation” Undermines End-to-End Encryption"
und nimmt Stellung (PDF zum download).

"End-to-end encryption is the technology we have to enable privacy in an age of unprecedented state and
corporate surveillance. And the dangerous desire to undermine it never seems to die. For decades, experts have
been clear: there is no way to both preserve the integrity of end-to-end encryption and expose encrypted
contents to surveillance. But proposals to do just this emerge repeatedly — old wine endlessly repackaged in
new bottles, aided by expensive consultancies that care more about marketing than the very serious stakes of
these issues. These embarrassing branding exercises do not, of course, sway the expert community. But too
often they work to convince non-experts that the risks of the previous plan to undermine end-to-end encryption
are not present in the shiny new proposal. This is certainly how the EU chat control debate has proceeded."

"Only Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria and Poland are relatively clear that they will not support the proposal, but this is not sufficient for a “blocking minority”."

Es gibt Beiträge, die die Bedeutung leicht verständlich erklären, u.a. hier.



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