Areas of Expertise

Corporate Law / Business litigation

Business Litigation

Every company goes through minor changes and upsets that can cause a ripple in the efficiency of business. At WAHL you can obtain the fast-acting legal assistance you need to get back on track with your life and business. We listen and devise solutions. Contact our professional team of experienced business litigation attorneys today.

Commercial and Company Law

The first key skill that the corporate lawyers of WAHL are equipped with is an understanding of business and how transactions will fit in within the ordinary scope and course of your business in general. The second and arguably most important aspect is an intermit understanding of company law as well as in depth knowledge of business entities. The lawyers of WAHL have excellent drafting skills and are able to include and delete clauses in contracts for maximum value to you as our client.

Real-Estate Law

At WAHL our real estate lawyers possess the experience necessary to manage a variety of real estate issues, including those involving purchase and acquisition, real estate contracts and commercial leasing.

Our real estate lawyers have broad experience in various forms of finance, including acquisition loans, land development loans and construction loans.


Our real estate lawyers are prepared to assist in the acquisition, disposition, financing, development, leasing and operation of all types of property, including office buildings, residential developments, mixed-use developments, apartment complexes, hotels, restaurants and more. We represent buyers, sellers, lenders and other parties in all aspects of commercial real estate agreements

Labor and Employment Law

Labor law is a broad area that includes areas of the employer / employee relationship except the negotiation process covered by labor law and collective bargaining agreements. Employment labor law has its roots not only in federal employment laws, but in employment law statutes, regulations and judicial court decisions as well.

Many employment laws including minimum wage laws and regulations were enacted as protective employment law, wage and hour and labor legislation.

WAHL regularly represents individuals in respect to issues arising out of their employment, including providing advice on employment contracts, negotiating settlements and litigating employment related disputes before the Courts.

Public Law and Adminstrative Law

Effective public law representation requires a combination of special legal knowledge, judgment and experience as well as an ability to operate in the public policy environment. These skills are applicable whether representing individuals, private parties or local governments before state regulatory agencies.

WAHL embodies and deploys all these necessary attributes. From counseling on condemnation issues, working with and working for governmental and public entities (PPP), drafting and negotiating development agreements, architect agreements to advocating clients’ interests in contested administrative proceedings, our counsel includes all of this.

Law of Contract

Often, business litigation involves a breach of contract or a dispute over a partnership agreement. Template contracts that are not reviewed or modified by specialists often pose a problem down the road. Businesses may not appreciate the potential risks until they are confronted with a lawsuit.

The experienced Lawyers at WAHL represents businesses and not-for-profit entities in many types of partnership and contract disputes. Our lawyers have extensive business litigation experience. Our Lawyers offer legal advice, which is meant to build a fundament to avoid future conflict. Our attorneys listen carefully to understand company dynamics. We often are able to find creative, individualized solutions that avoid needless litigation. We utilize results-oriented strategies to resolve contract disputes in the most timely and cost-effective manner.

International Practice

WAHL represents a wide variety of experience and resources to meet the international legal needs of our foreign and domestic clients, whether businesses or individuals. The resulting synergies and complementary skills let us help industry leaders and successful individuals navigate both the expanding global economy and an international lifestyle. Our Lawyers work with foreign companies establishing and maintaining a presence in the EU, Germany or otherwise subject to the EU or German laws; with foreign individuals pursuing business and personal interests in the EU; and with German companies and individuals entering and active in the international marketplace.

Criminal and Juvenile Criminal Law

The assistance of a skilled criminal defense lawyer is vital to protecting your rights. At WAHL we have years of experience in criminal courts. We provide aggressive, competent legal representation in a wide range of matters. A misdemeanor or felony conviction can have serious consequences. From our Berlin office we provide our clients with accessible representation designed to secure the best possible result. We handle a wide range of criminal cases. We can defend you against any criminal charge, including:

drunk driving, assault and domestic violence, drug crimes, such as drug cases involving drug possession, trafficking, manufacture and conspiracy, as well as related issues of forfeiture, different traffic offenses, theft and fraud, sexual assault.

Juveniles (minors 14 – 18 and 18 – 21 years of age) can be prosecuted for the same crimes for which adults can be prosecuted. A minor can be eligible for informal probation, which means that if he complies with a probation officer's plan of supervision, the charges will be dismissed after the probationary period.

At WAHL you will find a skillful and experienced juvenile criminal defense attorney knowledgeable in juvenile law to defend your son or daughter.

Family and Inheritance Law

AT WAHL clients with family law issues that transcend two or more countries will find lawyers with extensive experience addressing divorce jurisdiction, marital property, alimony, and custody problems in the international context. In addition our lawyers are adept at developing strategies and solutions that address the complexities arising from immigration laws. Our lawyers are used to working with legal counsel in other countries, and to solving problems caused by different legal systems, languages, cultures and social traditions. The international family-law lawyers at WAHL also regularly address the sensitive issues involved in international parental abduction of children, whether or not covered by the Hague Convention.

The WAHL lawyers are very sensitive to the need of Foreigners in or outside of Germany to claim their German inheritance. Our deep legal experience in lots of similar cases, has led our law firm to be specialized in clearing up German inheritances, even in long neglected cases and / or matters contested by third parties.

The lawyers of WAHL assist in such inheritance issues by tracing the property title anywhere in Germany, investigating the legal and actual status and providing a full legal analysis report. After the passing of a person, the crucial issue is who will be entitled to the German inheritance that the deceased has left, that is who will be called according to the Law as his legal heir.