1. Compensation

initial consultation

Basically, we charge for the initial consultation according to the RVG.

Attorney's Fee

The Attorneys' Compensation Act (RVG) provides that the commissioned lawyer is paid either depending on the amount in dispute according to the table amounts provided for in the law or on the basis of a remuneration agreement.

flat rate agreement

Depending on the circumstances of the case, we may propose billing based on a flat fee. This offers you the advantage of an exact cost estimate without having to experience any unpleasant surprises. You get the benefit of a pre-agreed fixed price.

hourly fee

According to the case law of the Federal Court of Justice, an hourly rate of 290 euros net is quite appropriate. The appropriate hourly rate may vary in individual cases. The University of Hanover found out in a widely acclaimed study that a lawyer has to charge €230.00 per hour to each client in order to have a reasonable income after deducting all costs.

Your legal protection insurance

You are responsible for our costs; regardless of whether you have RS insurance. However, we will be happy to ask your RSV about coverage and will also take care of the processing for you.

Legal aid (PKH or VKH)

In the event of need, the law provides for the possibility of applying for legal aid / legal aid. In order to prevent abuse, legal action must have sufficient prospects of success. The state has the option of reclaiming the costs advanced for litigation from the party if the economic situation of the party improves within three years of the end of the litigation. It is important to know that the PKH recipient has to pay the costs of the opposite party if he loses the process, despite the granting of legal aid. Ultimately, PKH is not a gift, but pre-financing by the state, whereby the lawyer only receives a reduced fee from a certain object value.


2. Payment Methods

We accept payments in cash, IBAN bank transfer

and Bitcoin (BTC).


We offer payment of our fee invoice in Bitcoin (BTC). The conversion is carried out by the payment server at the current rate (source: Kraken).


You can pay here (be patient, the server may take some time to come up):

If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us.